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The Dragon's Horde

Looking for a great read?

Maybe a fast-paced adventure?

Or a book to read to your kids?

Check out the selection of books below.

Fate & Flux

Patrick Dugan

Quinn is a journeyman blacksmith for the Wizard Usorin, until, after a tragic accident, Quinn loses his arm and his livelihood.

When he is befriended by Roland, he learns the secret behind the wizard’s power and is set on a path against a foe who seeks to destroy not only Astaria but magic itself.


Of Cogs & Conjuring

Patrick Dugan

Astaria: Magi ruled; Watcher protected.

Quinn, Watcher of Astaria, has in his possession the most powerful magic in the land - the only problem is, he doesn’t know how to wield its power. Now that the Magi are being hunted by an unseen foe, who use ruthless predators that kill on command. Can Quinn figure out his magic and defeat this elusive enemy before it is too late? What he finds may well shift the course of Astaria and possibly the whole world.

Do Quinn and his fellow Watchers have enough to stop a plot that will take them across Astaria and to faraway lands?


Pistols & Potions

Patrick Dugan

What do you call a cat in a gun belt?
Kitty kitty bang bang

Victoria Wyndham is a watcher, alchemist, and a horrible joke teller. She has been tasked by the Arch Magus to protect Astaria from all threats to their nation. When her fellow watcher, Quinn, discovers that a mind-control drug used to turn animals into killing machines is to blame for a series of brutal murders, Victoria sets out to stop the people behind the drug.

Through hardships, betrayals, and magical attacks, Victoria must rely on her wits, her love of science, and some unlikely allies in her quest to save Astaria from a cult bent on bringing their goddess back to life.

Religious freedom is all well and good, but when a restored goddess is destined to destroy the world, what’s a Watcher to do?


Machines & Monsters

Patrick Dugan

The epic conclusion to The Watchers of Astaria series!

Maybe coming back to life wasn’t the best idea.

Brulle Cobb was a watcher until he was pushed too far and faked his death to escape. After Victoria Wyndham showed up on his doorstep, he’s drawn back into Astarian politics. The Watchers are in a race against the clock to stop a group of cultists from bringing their goddess back to the world and enslaving the free people of Astaria, and they need all hands on deck.

Now, Brulle, Quinn, and Victoria must outsmart High Priestess Nimish who has so far evaded all attempts at finding her, much less preventing her ritual. With all the countries around Astaria whipped into murderous frenzies by the mysterious priestess, their armies converging on Iron Harbor and threatening to destroy the heart of Astaria itself, the three Watchers and a few unlikely comrades may be the world’s only hope. For Nimish’s ritual to invite Ghuasis, the goddess of the underworld, to dine upon the souls of unbelievers is not only feasible but may already have begun.

Can the three pull together to stop not one, but two armies from destroying the people they have sworn to protect before it is to late?



Susan Gentz

Illustrated by Kelbryn VanGundy

Frogs in pockets? EWWW!


Stinky Socks? EWWW!


Picking your nose? EWWW!


Join a little boy as he tries to gross out his mom. Will she scream? Cry? Freak Out? This fast bedtime read will have kids giggling and adults remembering the joys (and smells) of loving their little one unconditionally.

Coming 2023
DDP Logo Coming Soon 2.png

Revolutionary War Ghosts of South Carolina

Tally Johnson

Coming in 2023!

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